Cancer treatment in Germany

Many people prefer to receive medical care in countries with advanced medicine in order to count on a successful victory over cancer. Thanks to the development of medical tourism, you can easily undergo diagnosis of cancer and cancer treatment in Germany.

The best cancer clinics in Germany achieve outstanding success in the treatment of malignant tumors at any stage and offer medical care to patients from any country in the world.

Cancer treatment methods in Germany

The three pillars of cancer treatment in classical medicine are:

  • Surgical interventions
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy

There are now dozens of other techniques that have been successfully used for many types of cancer. In some oncological diseases, their effectiveness is higher than that of conventional methods. In recent years, German specialists are increasingly using immunotherapy, various types of ablation, embolization, targeted therapy, stem cell transplantation, adoptive cell technologies, photodynamic therapy, radiotargeted therapy and other techniques.

Oncosurgery in Germany

Surgery remains the primary and most effective treatment for most cancers. Complete tumor removal gives the person a good chance of recovery. In the early stages, surgery may be the only treatment the patient needs.

In Germany, preference is given to minimally invasive interventions. In the early stages, tumors can be removed without incisions in the skin and soft tissues, through the natural openings of the body. For example, these techniques can be used to remove cervical, rectal and colon, laryngeal, stomach, esophageal, and bladder tumors.

Doctors prefer to remove stage 1, 2 tumors, and sometimes even stage 3 tumors, using a laparoscopic or thoracoscopic approach. These techniques can be used to remove prostate, kidney, adrenal, and lung tumors.

Doctors in Germany perform surgical treatment in such a way that a person is not only cured of cancer, but also has a high quality of life. For example, if the bladder is removed, then it is reconstructed from bowel loops. After mammary gland removal, doctors perform endoprosthetic repair with implants or plastic repair with the patient’s own tissues to restore the breast. When removing the prostate, a nerve-sparing technique is used to maintain an erection. Whenever possible, organs are removed partially, but not completely (kidney, stomach, etc.).

Radiation therapy in Germany

Radiation therapy is effective in any country. There is nothing difficult in increasing the dose of radiation and destroying the tumor.

Nonetheless, the problem is that healthy tissues are also irradiated. Therefore, outdated methods of radiation therapy can be more dangerous than cancer itself. Their use leads to severe post-radiation complications and can even cause secondary tumors – malignant neoplasms resulting from the influence of radiation.

Germany uses the very latest radiation techniques, such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy, image-guided radiation therapy, volumetric modulated arc therapy, stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery. Some medical centers offer proton therapy, which is the safest method of radiation therapy. It is often used in pediatric oncology for irradiating brain, head and neck tumors.

Medical trip for treatment in Germany

To undergo diagnostics and treatment of oncology in Germany, patients without experience of treatment abroad may use the help of the Booking Health company. On the company’s website you can compare the current cost of oncology treatment in Germany and book a program at favorable prices.

If necessary, doctors of the Booking Health company will assist you at the selection stage. Doctors will recommend the best cancer clinics in Germany that are specializing in the treatment of your type of cancer, and will also tell you about the available treatment methods.

Travel managers will take care of the organization of cancer treatment in Germany: help you get a visa, book tickets and accommodation, take care of the translation of medical reports, provide you with an interpreter to communicate with doctors. Your personal coordinator will always be in touch on any issues until returning to your homeland.

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