10,000 Posters Throughout the Country Will Remind People to Respect Restriction Measures

10,000 posters throughout the country will remind people to be compliant with the measures against the spread of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Interior wants to remind people to wear respirators outside and stay at home. Even more so now, since the detection of the new Covid-19 variants and the incessantly growing number of cases.

This campaign and initiative were inspired by a similar campaign in the UK.

The colored posters will either showcase slogans which say: “Stay home, save lives” or “Wear respirators, save lives”. 

“It’s never too late to tell people again how easily they can become heroes and save lives. Just stay at home and wear a respirator consistently outside”, commented Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček.

The posters will be dispersed in cities and municipalities all around the Czech Republic. They’ll be printed and put up by Rengl this weekend, with the Ministry paying 1.5 million CZK for the campaign.

The very first case of the Covid-19 virus was detected on March 1 2020 in the Czech Republic. Fast forward to now, 1.2 million people have become ill with the virus, and reportedly 20,000 people have died from it.

Since the start of February 2021, infection rates have increased, and according to epidemiologists, the cause is mainly because of the new mutation of the virus, which reportedly spreads much faster.

They are also in agreement that non-compliance with the restriction rules is a factor for the continuous spread.

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