Your Prague Mug: Café Milleme

cafe milleme

The holidays are getting closer and closer every day and you have not yet decided how to make your Christmas dinner really special, then I have an idea for you.

If you are a real hedonist, esthete, and lover of everything beautiful, you must have already been to Café Milleme. Prague Morning has already published several articles about the history, interior and special offers of this place. Everyone praises this place, and I understand why.

The patisserie itself is located in the very center of the city: it is easy to spot it by the window, through which you will see the desserts that look like a real work of art. If you go inside, you will immediately find an interior designed in the same style and incredibly clean showcase, full of the most aesthetic delicacies for every taste.

I would like to highlight the New Year collection. Yes, yes, desserts here are changed depending on the season, each collection differs from the previous one and, in addition…. they are limited!

Have you ever seen Christmas ball-shaped desserts? Each of them is unique and has the name of the city with which the ingredients are most associated. For example, cherries, dark chocolate and gingerbread prevail in the Strasbourg dessert, isn’t it logical? My favorite is Sydney: incredibly tender coconut mousse, fresh passionfruit cream and coconut sponge cake. After the first bite, you will fall in love with these desserts.

The main favorites of this month will be the incredibly beautiful house-shaped cakes made of mousse with dark chocolate, praline, hazelnut biscuit and ganache with caramelized nuts – the height of sophistication and style. There’s a swiss roll inside. I’m not lying.

There is also a special Christmas tree cake with matcha, passion fruit ganache and mango biscuit. It tastes like something fresh, with a slight sourness and moderate sweetness. Such cakes can and should be ordered in advance for the Christmas or New Year’s table in order to please yourself and your loved ones.

cafe milleme
Christmas tree cake with matcha 

Every time I visit Cafe Milleme I am amazed at how workaholic and creative the chef Adina is. She’s is constantly improving herself –  creating and making every collection of desserts, coming up with new recipes.

Adina has a very responsible approach towards her work: she chooses the highest quality and the best products for her desserts. The love invested is felt by every guest on a subconscious level. Maybe that’s why everyone wants to come back here.

Fortunately, I managed to get to know her personally and I began to admire her even more. I have participated in several workshops where she shared a few recipes and some life hacks. I could definitely write a separate whole article about Adina. 

cafe milleme

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