Cable Car Connecting Prague 6 and Prague 8 Ready in Three Years

The long-discussed cable car across the Vltava river between Podbaba, Prague Zoo and Bohnice will officially go into operation on 2023.

The cable car route would have 3 stations – the Podbaba Station, the Zoo and Krakov.

The total track length will be 2.24 kilometers. The cable car will have 17 cabins, each accommodating 35 people. The cabins will be air-conditioned.

Cable cars would go at 60 seconds intervals. The transport capacity would be 2,000 people per hour, with options to increase the capacity based on seasonal demand to up to 4,000 people per hour.

The cable car will run from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm. The whole journey takes seven minutes.

Currently, public transportation connections between these areas are considered insufficient. Podbaba is now connected to Troja, which is the district with the zoo, by a ferry that only runs in the summer season.

The trip from Dejvice to Bohnice would be shortened by almost half an hour, as currently there is not a convenient route linking these areas on opposite sides of the river.

We will be able to build the rope course very quickly compared to the tram lines. Our study shows that if we want to offer people a quick connection in the near future, the cable car is the right way to do it.” Says Deputy Mayor and Transport Counsellor Petr Dolínek.

The estimated cost for the construction of this cable car is calculated at around 1-1.5 billion Kč. The only necessary buildings to be constructed are three stations and six pillars.

Considering the stunning views the ride would offer, it could easily become the most popular means of transport in the city.


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