Finalists Named to Design Cable Car to Bohnice: Czech Architects Compete for the Win

Cable Car Bohnice

The cable car between Podbaba and Bohnice seems to be one step closer to reality. The transport company announced an international competition in which 23 applicants from nine European countries applied.

Now the expert jury has selected five finalists, including four international firms and one Czech representative. The winner of the competition should be announced during September.

The connection between Bohnice and Prague 6 is currently rather challenging. Even though the districts are about 3.5 kilometers apart as the crow flies, getting physically from one district to another is a half-day trip at best. It involves multiple transfers–the cable car will help immensely.

A cable car will offer a simpler connection. Even if a tram connection is also planned in the future, these plans are very distant. The cable
car seems to be significantly closer to realization. The expert jury has now selected 5 finalists, who are tasked with preparing and presenting the architectural design of all three stations and five supports. The Czech design studio Olgoj Chorchoj is among the five finalists.

“From the submitted proposals, the jury will select the three best, while DPP will conclude a cooperation agreement with the authors of
the first proposal in the field of architectural design of the building during the preparation of project documentation. The DPP will present individual proposals and their authors to the public during this August. The winner will receive a reward of 1.8 million crowns, the author of the second-place proposal will receive a reward of 1.2 million crowns, the third in the order 800 thousand crowns, the proposals in fourth and fifth place will receive 350 thousand crowns each,” said the spokeswoman of the transport company Aneta Řehková.

The journey from Bohnice to Dejvice by cable car should take seven minutes, which saves more than a half hour as compared with today.

“Each cabin will fit 32 people and the interval between them will be about a minute. The cabins can also be modified to transport bicycles.
We calculate that such cabins could run at least two to three cabins each time during the season, the Deputy Mayor for Transport Adam
Scheinherr (Praha Sobě) described earlier.

This will make Bohnice once more a viable professional and industrial district for those commuting from the more residential areas of Prague 6. The transport capacity will be set at 2,000 people per hour in one direction, which corresponds to one backbone tram line at an interval of four minutes.

Technically, it will be possible to transport up to 6,000 people per hour.

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