Cabin Fever Edition: Art and Music in an Abandoned Building

Ready to live an interactive experience? Image yourself in a historical abandoned building from the 17th century. This space will come to life and allow you to feel and see the synergy between music and art. It’s an experience and event that you don’t want to miss on, the Katarze’s First Encounter.

On Saturday, December 7th, the music and art world will mesh at Katarze’s first encounter in the abandoned Nuselský Pivovar. Historical fun fact: it was once of the largest and most visited industrial breweries in Central Europe. This might be the last time to get the privilege to experience the inside of this building.

On this night, lose yourself in the sounds of two up-and-coming artists from Hamburg, Germany: Jonez and Fathia.  Be a part of giving both of them a warm welcome, as they will be playing in the Czech Republic for the first time. Fathia’s love and connection to the German sounds has led her to be invited to play with world-respected DJ Adam Bayer, and has recently released two new track releases, Encoding/ Decoding.

Along with Jonez and Fathia and Czech DJ Vilem will be performing a LIVE set in this space enriched with art installations by Czech artists: Míra Macík, Karolína Vorlíková, Jana Mercogliano, Marek Vavřinec, and Sabina Falcmanová.

The combination of true culture, innovative art pieces, and underground music will bring the audience to a new state of reality. All the artist’s projects will have a huge impact in revealing an exciting and creative atmosphere.

Don’t come with any expectations, just want to wander around and explore different perspectives from the diverse installations. There will also be live art done during the event, glass structures illuminated with neon lights inside, and through all of this, you will also have the chance to end your path to a musical stage.

The mind behind this event is Katarze, a name that comes from the Greek word Katharsis, which means purification, cleansing, or clarification. The aim is to share love, inspiration, and respect for techno music, leading to the purification of emotions through art or the change in feelings to renewal and restoration. The goal is to confront emotions such as pity and fear, creating an atmosphere and an area where the attendees can forget about their burdens and leave feeling at peace and renewed.

Be one of the first to witness this event live for the first time. Remember that places and moments can never be recreated, take part in a movement that is state-of-the-art.

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