Burnt Ukrainian Girl Undergoes Her First Surgery in Prague

The 18-month-old Ukrainian girl with burns on 60 percent of her body who was airlifted from Poland to Prague has undergone the first out of a series of demanding surgeries and her condition is critical but stable, the Vinohrady Teaching hospital’s spokeswoman told CTK on Wednesday.

Czech doctors specialized in burn treatment removed parts of necrosed tissues from the girl’s limbs and replaced them with donated skin that the hospital produces at its eye and tissue bank.

“We carried out necrectomy on almost 30 percent of the body surface, on her limbs. It is a very demanding surgery that brings along blood loss and extreme heat loss,” clinic head Robert Zajicek said.

“Such heavily burnt children lose their body temperature very quickly and cannot regulate it on their own through the skin like healthy children do.”

It is the first transport of a burn victim to the European Union since the beginning of the Russian aggression.

The action was coordinated by the Czech Ministry of the Interior and the Czech mission in Warsaw.  The evacuation was carried out under the “Medevac” medical and humanitarian aid program.

The MEDEVAC program focuses on providing access to medical care for vulnerable groups of persons. The care provided is free of charge and exclusively for civilians – persons, who are in dire of such medical care or whose condition prevents them from leading a dignified life.

MEDEVAC is implemented through the deployment of Czech medical teams abroad, expert trainings and internships for foreign medical staff, evacuating of patients for medical treatment to the Czech Republic and supporting of medical projects aimed at rebuilding health infrastructure.

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