Burčák Season Has Officially Started!

The first stalls selling burčák appeared on Thursday in several towns in South Moravia. Mr. Miloslav Machuča from Valtice, who grows grapes almost exclusively for the burčák production, was one of the first to start selling the sweet young Czech wine.

Burčák is made of grapes harvested and squeezed just a few weeks ahead and constantly fermenting. It’s basically the first stage in wine production.

Burčák must be stored carefully to prevent explosions. CO2 gas forms as the wine ferments, so it’s best stored upright with the cap loose enough for the gas to escape. It should also be consumed within a day or two of buying to ensure peak flavor.

This alcoholic wine drink is produced when the pressed grape juice is partially fermented. Its consumption is typically connected with the first autumn days.

Laws about burčák

The Czech law allows the sale of “burčák” starting August 1.

Burčák can only be produced using grapes grown and processed in the Czech Republic, and can only be sold between August 1st and November 30th. The grapes must also be from the current year’s harvest. Burčák cannot be diluted in any way by the seller, and consumers must be informed that they are purchasing half-fermented wine and where it comes from.

Where to get it

To enjoy a fresh glass of Burčák in Prague, one can take part in popular wine festivals called Vinobraní. There is a number of festivals celebrating the wine harvest, where locals like to enjoy a cup of Burčák accompanied by live music, entertainment, and traditional Czech food.

The most popular one is festival Vinobraní Grébovka, which will take place on Friday, September 20 on Náměstí Míru from 2 pm, and will continue throughout Saturday, September 21 in Havlíčkovy sady from 2 pm till 10 pm.

It is very common that this drink is sold in plastic bottles with a practical handle lifter (1,5 l). You can buy it only at farmers’ markets, in wine bars or in the streets.



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