Budget to Renew Wenceslas Square to Increase

Wenceslas Square renovation

After years of preparation, a complete renovation of Wenceslas Square began on April 15, 2020. 

The aim is to carry out a comprehensive reconstruction, which would correspond to the modern requirements of urban architecture, including putting in new networks for utilities.

A modern square in the heart of Prague would offer visitors an attractive environment, with a balance of all the necessary urban amenities. Due to the size and the complexity of the space, construction work is planned in two stages.

The lower part of the square is supposed to be completed by the end of 2021, while the upper part beginning from Vodičkova street, is to be completed in 2022.

Authorities want the square to have uniform paving on the streets, more spacious sidewalks, and new alleys.

The budget for the reconstruction will increase up to CZK 109 million. 85 million CZK of the budget will reportedly go to the construction of tram tracks.

The construction company collaborating with the city councilors wants 23 million CZK more due to extra work caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Construction work for Wenceslas began last year and originally was supposed to cost around CZK 330 million.

The company charged around CZK 8.7 million for the demolition of concrete structures, and another CZK 15.9 million for other changes and modifications. The biggest impact on the increased budget of reconstruction is the construction of blind tracks, which will be connected to the actual railway line in the future.

If the plan is approved, the city council will decide on its construction independently.

Reconstruction of the part of the square from Můstek to Vodičkova began last April and, according to the original schedule, should be completed this year.

Workers are gradually replacing surfaces, while more space for pedestrians is being built. Old trees in poor condition will be cut down, and new ones will be planted in their place.


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