Bridging Business With Fun: Endorfin Provides You With Spectacular Amusement

Combining business and fun for one’s enjoyment can now become more common thanks to Endorfin— a company whose main focus is in satisfying and delighting their customers to a high degree, providing a “space where [one] can do business, have fun, and have some more fun on top of that!”

Inside Endorfin are two main areas for venues and hosted events: one main hall, and bar lounge. The halls are for business-related events specifically, but all three areas are oriented for any social event. Banquets or other private events also apply, including offered catering. One must book in advance!

Our exciting escape rooms games—for grown-ups and kids—include themes from ‘Titanic’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Freddy Krueger’, ‘The Morgue’, ‘The Morgue 2’ and ‘Saw’ (team games are ‘Mad Head’ and ‘Push & Play’).

For those unfamiliar with the term, escape rooms are where a group of players are in a confined space from which they must escape in due time with the help of their ingenuity, logic, and imagination. Combining marvelous stage sets with modern technology will transform any event into a special one.

Endorfin is equipped with modern facilities and a bar and an escape game to make one’s event more thrilling. Additionally, it has collaborated with big-name brands such as Honeywell, Coca Cola, and L’Oréal for throwing events. One may go along with the establishment’s entertainment or their own. Regardless of the decision, Endorfin is ready to offer people a great time.

Come bridge business activities with some amusement!


  • Petrohradská 216/3, Prague 10 – Vrsovice, 101 00
  • +420 725 944 311
Photo: Endorfin
Photo: Endorfin
Photo: Endorfin

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