Brejlando: Back into Theatres Through Virtual Reality


With the help of state-of-the-art technologies and borrowed virtual reality glasses, everyone can immerse in watching selected performances from Prague theatres from the comfort of their homes, as well as from a completely new angle – right from the stage, in close vicinity to the actors.

The globally unique service called Brejlando has been presented by Prague City Hall together with the Brainz Studios creative group.

The uniqueness of Brejlando lies primarily in the manner in which a virtual reality theatrical production is shot. The viewer looks at the scene through the eyes of a 360-degree camera.

It is at the centre of everything, the actors move around it and play the scenes towards it. Lighting and surround sound recording are also set accordingly. Compared to a classic visit to the theatre, therefore the spectator has an essentially physical experience, as the actors direct their monologues and views directly at them.

Brejlando starts with a recording of the Hamlets of the Na Zábradlí Theatre (directed by Jan Mikulášek) with Petr Čtvrtníček, Jana Plodková, Jiří Vyorálek, Jakub Žáček as well as other actors and Perníková chaloupka (Hans and Gretel) of the Minor Theatre (directed by Jakub Vašíček, Tomáš Jarkovský), with Petr Stach and Monika Načeva.

Twice monthly, more productions will be added to the offer. For example, Drábkovy a Královy Elefantazie (Drábek’s and King’s Elephantas) from the Municipal Theatres of Prague, the play Pusťte Donu k maturitě! (Let Donna go to the Graduation!) directed by Tomáš Dianiška from the repertoire of the Pod Palmovkou Theatre or a theatrical adaptation of the famous film Ucho (The Ear) of Jan Procházka, presented by the Theatre in Vinohrady directed by Šimon Dominik.

A number of other Prague scenes have already expressed interest in participating in the project. Therefore, the service becomes a full-fledged distribution platform that is not only open to Prague’s city theatres.

brejlando theatre

Tickets can now be purchased in advance on the network. The “take-away theatre”, i.e., selected performances and VR glasses, and then can be enjoyed by the first enthusiasts in the comfort of home from Monday, March 29th.

Glasses with a theatrical production will be delivered to them on the chosen day in the early evening by the project partner – the Liftago company.

The next day, a courier will come in the morning to take their glasses away again. The service is only currently available in Prague, in the future the creators plan to expand the distribution.

Ticket prices range from 599 to 1,399 CZK, depending on the chosen variant and the number of VR glasses ordered. Each returned pair of glasses will then undergo a certified three-phase disinfection before being prepared for other customers.

The service is intended to help theatres and their fans overcome these difficult times of limited operation. However, at the same time, the initiators believe that they are establishing a new international trend that can become a permanent part of the theatres’ offer.

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