BREAKING: Czech Government Speeds Up Its Plan. Large Stores Can Reopen Next Monday!

The Czech Republic will move forward plans to ease its coronavirus lockdown by two weeks to get most businesses and restaurants operating again by May 25.

Industry Minister Karel Havlicek said on Thursday the slowing of new infections since the Easter holiday weekend this month had been good enough for the government to move faster.

“We evaluated Easter, the results are very promising,” Havlicek told a televised news briefing. “There will be 14-day intervals (in the re-opening), at the moment (the schedule) roughly copies what is done in Germany or Austria.”

From Monday, the government will allow shops with floor space of up to 2,500 square metres  to re-open, along with fitness centres, libraries, small church services and outdoor zoo exhibits.

“Establishments up to 2,500 m2 and with their own entrance can reopen from Monday, April 27, as well as driving schools, gyms and fitness centers, libraries, zoos and botanical gardens without indoor pavilions,” said Havlíček.

Shopping centres, larger shops, hair and beauty salons, restaurants and cafes with a dispensing window, barbershop, massages, galleries, and exteriors areas of castles and chateaux are slated to open again from May 11 under the adjusted plan, which then sees restaurants, hotels, theatres and most other services open by May 25.

The government did not announce any plans to lift compulsory wearing of face masks in public and said it would decide on allowing public gatherings later.

On Thursday, the cabinet was scheduled to hold an extraordinary meeting to extend the state of emergency, but it was suspended due to a Prague court decision that canceled some measures by the Ministry of Health.

These are mainly related to the closure of shops and restriction of movement.


April 27
– Stores up to 2,500 square meters (except those in shopping centers)
– Driving schools
– Gyms and fitness centres but the showers and dressing rooms within them will be off-limits.

May 11
– Restaurants, bars, and cafes, with service from windows or in gardens.
– Hairdressers
– Beauty salons
– Tanning salons
– Museums, galleries, exhibition halls
– Zoological gardens (outdoor parts only)

May 25
– Shopping center
– Restaurants, cafes, and bars
– Hotels, hostels, (including their restaurants)
– Theaters
– Castles and palaces
– Bookstores
– Cinemas and theaters
– It will be possible to hold events for up to 50 people
– Tattoo and piercing salons

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