Breaking Bread: VENUE’s Brunch Hits All the High Notes

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when brunch options in Prague were scarce. Things have since changed.

Brunch is now an institution with countless possibilities found throughout the capital. The wide range of choices now available could certainly lead to debates concerning the best brunch in the city and VENUE, located in a lovely part of Old Town, has earned a spot in this discussion.

VENUE began serving brunch in 2016. It is this establishment’s central focus served all day. The menu is both expansive and compact. A guest should never feel overwhelmed whilst trying to select a meal and VENUE succeeds by eliminating that dilemma. This is quite an achievement considering the numerous dishes on offer.

The service was friendly, effective, and attentive. The staff were there when needed, but also knew when to back off. Meals arrived quickly even though the restaurant was quite full.

The bacon french toast was an excellent choice. It wasn’t smothered in syrup or sugar to the extent where the bread was soggy which would detract from the taste. However, the bacon’s consistency differed slightly, but not to the point where this would elicit any sort of complaint. This was a minor mistake.

VENUE’s quinoa superfood bowl, featuring at minimum 10 ingredients, was an impressive feat and is highly recommended. Traditional Czech fare (Buchtičky se šodó) – translated to buns with vanilla cream – was a heavenly way to finish a meal and a definite highlight. Both vegan and vegetarian dishes are available. Ingredients are locally sourced and also seasonal. This means the menu undergoes slight changes about every three to four months.

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The drink menu deserves its own mention. The freshly squeezed juices were exquisite, but the strawberry lemonade is a delicacy worth returning for with or without an appetite. Finish off everything with a double espresso and you’ve successfully concluded a VENUE brunch.

Bottled Matuška is served coupled with a wide selection of Prosecco and wine. VENUE provides both take-out and delivery service.

Please be aware that weekends are busy with wait times that can approach an hour. The reasoning behind that is simple: VENUE simply doesn’t have enough space. This restaurant is tiny with roughly 20 seats available. When fully packed it would be crammed with personal space at a minimum.

However, the above observation has nothing to do with the food or service which were both exceptional. Prices are more than fair and the portions are large. This is an outstanding restaurant.

venue prague

VENUE’s sole focus, once more, is on brunch thus differentiating this eatery from other restaurants. Experience matters and their attention to detail is a clear indicator of that.

It is a worthy addition to the Prague food scene and definitely worth a visit from whatever corner of the city you may reside in.

  • Address: Havelská 525/4, Prague 1
  • Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00-18:00
  • Contact: +420 224 282 326

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