Breaking Bread: QQ Asian Kitchen Continues to Impress

qq kitchen prague

QQ Asian Kitchen, after opening its doors in 2017, very quickly became one of the most talked-about restaurants in the city.

The cuisine – a mixture of food from Bali and Taiwan with several other culinary stops along the way – was not something readily available in Prague. QQ Asian Kitchen became almost immediately successful.

The food was excellent and the seats were full. That has not changed. The level of quality at QQ Asian Kitchen remains top-notch.

QQ Asian Kitchen’s location, however, did change in the spring of 2020 and is now attached to Mosaic House Design Hotel. A location change for a restaurant with an already fixed reputation could be a risky endeavor, but everything is contingent on the quality of food and service. That, as stated, remains the same. QQ Asian Kitchen is an amazing place to visit and clearly deserves its very recent placement in the Michelin guide.

Come hungry and do not skip out on the starters. Some of the most interesting and amazing dishes are to be found there. Seafood lovers should try the soft shell crab mushu taco alongside the seared yellowtail sashimi with butter ponzu vinaigrette. These are both pristine examples of what the chefs produce at this establishment.

Main courses are just as stunning. The slow-cooked beef rendang is an all-time favorite one never tires of and the sea bass, presented in a banana leaf, was seasoned perfectly. The only vegetarian dish on the menu were the gado gado vegetables with tofu and peanut sauce. Both the steamed and yellow coconut rice are recommended in tandem. The homemade cassava crackers were also a very nice touch.

Beef rendang

The wine list is impressive and extensive. A glass of the Rioja Crianza was recommended and complimented everything eaten. Únětice beer is available on draft and went down quite well with some of the spicier dishes tried. An Indonesian beer is normally also offered but not available at the time of our visit.

The service was both exceedingly professional, efficient, and very friendly. It is not odd for the chef to come out and inquire about how your meal and overall experience is going. Both chefs genuinely seem to care. QQ Asian Kitchen, once more, is listed in the Michelin guide for a reason. The service is also part of that.

It is important to note that a reservation is very likely needed every evening. QQ fills up quickly. There is a very affordable and interesting lunch menu available Tuesday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00. If a mid-afternoon visit occurs it’s possible you’ll have the place largely to yourself.

qq kitchen prague

Overall, there is little for QQ Asian Kitchen to improve upon even after nearly five years of existence. The food and service remain spectacular and the new location compliments its other attributes perfectly.

This has quickly become a beloved Prague establishment for a reason. The chefs – Nyoman Purnata and Lee Chang – should be commended for the restless creativity that drives QQ Asian Kitchen while, at the same time, making this a place one will always return to.

  • Address: Odboru 278/4
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12:00 – 22:00
  • Contact: +420 776 337 878


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