Breaking Bread: El Gaucho Seizes the Throne

el gaucho prague

Shortly after entering the doors of El Gaucho the initial feeling one detects is that of confidence. The reasoning behind this is simple: El Gaucho knows how good their food is. Experience does that.

There are locations stretching from Southeast Asia into Europe, which helps to ensure how special this dining experience will be.

Prague has its fair share of Argentinian steakhouses, but, after El Gaucho opened its doors in June, none of them seem relevant. There is no better steakhouse found in the capital. El Gaucho is in a league of its own with two locations found here. One is mere minutes away from the Old Town Square and the second – opened very recently – is located in Dejvice.

The sheer breadth of the menu is slightly overwhelming at first, but the staff is there and will advise you if needed. Service is friendly, helpful and exceedingly professional.

The staff, at times, can seem invisible, but they appear exactly at the moment needed while also paying close attention not to interrupt your meal.

The level of quality found at El Gaucho is so high one could have an amazing meal just from the starters on offer. Beginning with the homemade Argentinian beef soup is an excellent choice as this is also the first opportunity to taste El Gaucho’s beef.

It is nothing short of exquisite. The salmon tartare was also amazing. Yet, it is without doubt that anything on the starters menu – from the beef empanada to the salchicha – is delicious. There are no wrong choices here.

El Gaucho’s emphasis is on American beef when it comes to their steaks. Both the rib eye and filet were flawless. The foie gras ordered with the steaks was halved it was so massive and truly exquisite. Add chimichurri and wild mushroom sauce – both homemade – and these are the best steaks in Prague. The Argentinian Malbec Salentein was the perfect wine to accompany this meal and is highly recommended.

Filet at El Gaucho

However, the wine list at El Gaucho deserves its own praise. The term “extensive” is an understatement. The wine list, much like the initial confrontation with the food menu, is again slightly overwhelming. But, as previously mentioned, the staff is there to advise if any questions arise. It’s clearly obvious that a superhuman feat of effort went into selecting each and every wine at this establishment.

El Gaucho markets itself primarily as a steakhouse, yet there are many other dishes on offer. Salads, pasta, lamb, pork, chicken and fish are available for main courses. Burgers are also on the menu with a vegan option available. One suggestion, and its feasibility is impossible to determine, involves the El Gaucho mix platter serving four people. This is an intriguing choice, but it would be nice if this was made available for two people.

el gaucho prague

If it seems like any serious criticisms are lacking that’s because there is nothing to criticize. El Gaucho is the best restaurant to open in Prague this year. The food was sheer perfection from start to finish. El Gaucho came for the throne and seized it. It’s highly doubtful this seat will be relinquished anytime soon.

  • Addresses: Dušní 905/4 and Dejvická 268/30
  • Locations: Old Town and Dejvice
  • Opening Hours: Old Town – 11am-10pm, Dejvice – 11am-10pm

*Times may change due to Covid restrictions

  • Contact: Old Town – +420 777 073 040, Dejvice – +420 725 422 302

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