Come Have Breakfast with Prague! 500-Meter-Long Round Table to be Placed in Old Town Square Next Week

breakfast at old town square prague

On the morning of Wednesday, June 29, residents and visitors of Prague can join an unusual experience – to have breakfast in the famous Old Town Square, sitting around a giant round table.

The organizer is the well-known Prague café owner and ‘cultural activist Ondřej Kobza, the “brain” behind a bevy of cultural projects that have sprung up in recent years.

He began by installing pianos outdoors, encouraging passers-by to tickle the ivories. He then fashioned old school desks into public chess tables and placed “poetry jukeboxes” on squares that literally pipe out verses, voiced by the likes of Jaroslav Seifert. His latest project it’s the rooftop terraces of the Lucerna Palace built by Václav Havel’s grandfather a century ago.

The 500 meters-long table will be installed around the monument to Jan Hus. It will be decorated with white tablecloths and vases with wildflowers. Participants will have to bring food and utensils themselves. The event will take place from 06:00 to 10:00.

“The table is a powerful symbol. Families gather behind it, letters are written and peace agreements are signed. King Arthur’s knights gathered at the Round Table. The rules are: everyone can come, you just need to bring some food and ideally share it with a neighbor.

It could be something simple as grapes or cookies. And if someone wants, then you can bake a pie at home or make sandwiches. Someone can drink morning coffee, someone – champagne.

“The idea of ​​breakfast is to enjoy the empty Old Town Square. The square has always been a place of meetings and conversations. I hope that at least for a few hours we will be able to return its original role,” Kobza said.

To guarantee your place, the organizers recommend registering for free using this link. However, if someone is late with registration, you can still come without it. Free places will be vacated gradually.

Kobza organized something similar in 2020.

Thousands of residents attended to give the coronavirus a symbolic farewell to Covid-19 on Charles Bridge where locals were allowed to bring picnics.

People were invited to dine on a 500-meter long table set where around 2,000 seats were set up. The event made it to all social media corners and started gaining different feedback and opinions across the world.

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