“Borders Will Open in June at the Earliest,” Said Minister of Health

“The borders will certainly not open until June and non-essential travel may not be possible even in summer,” said Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch after the government meeting on Tuesday and reported by iDNES.

“It will depend on the situation in other countries. We do not want to give predictions without an expert opinion. We are talking about the last relaxation and certainly, it won’t happen earlier than in June. Moreover, under some conditions,” he added.

“At the moment, the epidemiological situation in Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States are not good.”

On 16 March, the free movement was limited with the exception of travel to and from work and necessary travels to ensure basic human needs.

With effect from April 14th, 2020 Czech citizens and foreigners, are again able to travel abroad, now with the possibility of returning during the state of emergency.

Travel is allowed in necessary and justified cases only (e.g. fulfillment of official duties, work abroad, funeral etc.), which will have to be proven individually to the police at border crossings.

Everyone returning to the Czech Republic must undergo a 14-day ordered mandatory quarantine.

There will be no quarantine for people traveling abroad for less than 24 hours, for medical and emergency services personnel, or for farmers who travel into a neighboring country during the day for work.

Citizens who visit their doctor or veterinarian, attend funerals, court hearings or other administrative authorities, or who travel for short-term family care, will not have to be quarantined.


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