BO District: Quick Food With A Smile

A hidden gem in Stare Mesto Mesto’s quiet streets, where food is served quickly and you are always welcomed with a smile.

Bo District is well-known among locals for their fresh and simple pan-Asian meals that are high in flavor and served within no time.

Their menu is full of filling and nutritious meals for a reasonable price, with rice and noodles as popular staple.

They also offer a variety of desserts, teas, and specialty coffee. Bo District can be found on Ostrovní 28, from 10 am to 10 pm.

Besides serving delicious food, Bo District is focused on giving their clients a memorable experience. The food might be served fast, but the memory remains.

From their minimalistic and calming interior, to their well-thought-out playlist, Bo District does everything to make their customers feel at home, causing many of them to become regulars.

As manager Patrik describes, “It shouldn’t be you come into a restaurant, order the food, get it, pay and leave. It should be an experience; staff is supposed to be your friends and they are here because they want to be here.”

They also encourage everyone to come and try their food on location instead of ordering. Not only will the food be served slower when you order, but you’ll be missing out on the experience.

Bo District’s most beloved meals are the ‘beef with green beans, chili and rice’, and the ‘rice noodles with chicken and peanut sauce’.

Manager Patrik personally can’t get enough of the ‘udon noodles with beef and soya-orange sauce’, and I was lucky to try the ‘shrimps with coconut milk’.

Make sure to give the desserts a try as well, “All the dessert flavors are based on the meals we have. The flavors enhance each other.” But even for one of their specialty coffees or delicious teas, you are welcome to pay Bo District a visit.

Whatever you are craving, there will always be something to satisfy your tastebuds. In need of something simple, fast, and flavorful?

Definitely give Bo District a try, and experience it for yourself!

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