Expat Business Owners Can Now Grow Their Businesses Using World’s #1 Referral Marketing Program

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After 37 years of mastering the art of business networking and growing a network of almost 300.000 entrepreneurs across 74 countries, Business Network International (BNI) is launching its successful referral marketing program in the Czech Republic.

Powered by the “Givers Gain” philosophy, the organization nurtures business collaboration and aims to support economic growth by facilitating the exchange of referrals between local entrepreneurs while also providing them with the opportunity to access business abroad.

BNI members meet weekly and connect each other with people who are looking for their products or services, building strategic referral partnerships and supporting each other to identify new business opportunities.

19.2 Billion USD is the money BNI members generated in the past 12 consecutive months (May 2021-May 2022) from the referrals exchanged in the network.

How does it work?

Businesses of every type and size join BNI to generate new business and long-term clients.

It is not about selling to each other! BNI groups consist of 35+ high-performing and committed entrepreneurs which work in a positive-minded environment to build trusted relationships and build their businesses together following the BNI proven referral marketing program.

Typically, BNI networking meetings are accessed based on invitation from existing BNI members. After participating in a meeting, guests have the opportunity to apply for membership. When business people are admitted to a BNI group, their business category is locked to competing firms. This gives exclusivity to all industry references, offering members a great competitive advantage.

Once the groups are launched, advanced training is provided, and as well members gain access to the BNI Connect platform where members can connect with all other members in the network.

Being a BNI member

Members of BNI are sharing common values and a higher purpose then just growing their own business. They are keen to contribute to the prosperity of their business community and support other members in reaching their goals. With the right networking attitude and mindset, this opportunity enables members to:

  • Expand their network by an average of 200 business connections annually.
  • Receive about 40+ referrals per year;
  • Learn 3 to 5 new valuable business skills and processes.

Across the world, the format of the meetings is the same. This makes it very easy to network internationally since members can use the BNI Connect® online platform anytime to visit groups in their countries of interest.

An exclusive opportunity for expat business owners

The first chapter (group) forming in Prague is called First Diamond and is set to launch in September 2022 under the leadership of Director Consultant Mike Handa.

This is an English-speaking group, joining both local and expat entrepreneurs with a vision to accelerate business growth and collaboration across language barriers, aiming to help members generate min 2.5 MIL EUR from referrals exchanged.

Given the partnership of BNI Czechia with Prague Morning, we are happy to have exclusivity in providing our business readers the opportunity to register for the next BNI First Diamond networking event by filling in the registration form on this page.

About BNI

Founded in 1985 by Ivan Misner, a doctor in statistics, BNI is the recognized leader in business networking worldwide. Set out to “change the way the world does business”, it offers a structured collaboration framework for entrepreneurs to exchange qualified business referrals and to grow personally and professionally with like-minded professionals.

BNI Czechia contact details

For more information about BNI and the development in the Czech Republic, reach out to Diana Masopust, National Director for Czechia, via email at diana.masopust@bni.com  

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