Blue Air Launches the New Bucharest – Prague Route

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Effective 21 May 2021, Blue Air launches the new Bucharest – Prague route within the 2021 Summer Schedule.

Blue Air will operate its route up to five weekly between Bucharest and Prague.  Blue Air inaugurated today the Bucharest – Prague route, and the Boeing 737-500 aircraft (YR-BAG) was greeted with the traditional water salute at its landing at Václav Havel Airport Prague.

As part of its positioning strategy as Romanians’ first ultra-low-cost air transport option, Blue Air focuses on expanding its network and serving Europe’s main airports, providing efficient connections with destinations of major interest for both the leisure and the business segment, at the most affordable travel rates with one free change included.

As of 21 May 2021, Blue Air will connect Bucharest and Prague through three services per week, while planning to increase this frequency to five flights per week starting July 2021.

We are delighted to inaugurate our new ultra-low-cost Prague-Bucharest service for the benefit of our customers who can now have even more travel options at affordable prices,” says Krassimir Tanev, Chief Commercial Officer at Blue Air.

The two capitals have traditionally developed a lot of business, cultural, family, sport and tourist relations and with our low fares and great service we plan to triple the existing traffic volume and to soon upgrade the service to daily. In addition to the direct service to Bucharest, our Prague customers can also benefit from a one-stop service to Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, and Suceava,” he adds.

Tickets will be available for purchase via carrier’s website.


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