Blinkee.City is Here: Let’s Meet the New Electric Scooter of Prague


On 22 June 2020, 150 new electric scooters with a sharing system will appear in selected Prague locations. aims to offer another way of comfortable, financially effective, fast, and eco-friendly transport in Prague.  The scooters are already available in seven countries (Poland, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Sweden, Romania, Slovakia).

“It is currently one of the fastest-growing industries. In 2017, there were 350,000 electric sharing-scooters. Since 2019, the number has risen to 5 million. Shared electromobility is experiencing a boom similar to smartphones at that time. The increase in users between 2017 and 2019 was 1,371 percent”, says Jan Kanta, CEO of the company.

“Prague cannot be extended endlessly and we are sick and tired of being stuck in the traffic” he adds. 

According to ÚAMK (Autoclub of the Czech Republic), standing in traffic costs drivers more than 20,000 CZK every year.

One of the undeniable advantages is Prague’s effort to expand ecological alternatives for inland transport. For this reason, the electric scooters can be parked without limitation in any parking zone. 

The mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib has also recently supported activities promoting better urban mobility and electromobility. “We consider shared zero-emission mobility services that respect local specifics a positive contribution to our city.

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How to use Blinkee?

Blinkee is very easy to use. You need a phone that is connected to the internet, and the GPS turned on to locate you on the map as accurately as possible and of course a driving license/ document stating that you can drive these scooters. Install the Blinkee app (AndroidIOS) and already half of the job is done.

After installation, you’ll need an account that you create in less than 2 minutes. Then, just take a photo of your driving license, enter a payment method and wait until the photographed document is validated.

With their 3.1 KW engine power and 35 Ah power battery, they can go up to 60 kilometers with a single charge. Anyone older than 16 years of age can use them with at least a six-month-old AM or higher license. The use of a helmet is mandatory, but this is part of the service, the helmets are in the trunk.

The price of the standard ride is 5 CZK/minute. The app also has a discount system that gives the user price as low as 2,50 CZK/minute. A 15% discount applies when registering with an ISIC or ZTP card.


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