Blatný: “Restrictive Measures Have Stopped Working”

Restrictive measures against the spread of COIVD-19 have stopped working as the more aggressive U.K. variant is spreading and people do not adhere to rules, Health Minster Jan Blatný said. 

The Czech health ministry recorded 8,032 new COVID-19 infections on Thursday, up from 7,999 the week before. In total, 1.02 million infections have been recorded since March.

“The British mutation in the Czech Republic is spreading between 35 and 70 percent faster than the current virus,” Blatný said during a visit to the hospital in Cheb.

In the afternoon, the minister called on citizens to comply with the measures. “I know that many people are not only at the end of their strengths, but also at the end of their financial means. Many of us lost our loved ones. The level of hostility in society is growing dramatically,” the minister continued, adding that the situation would not improve without the willingness of people to help.

“People should not travel around the country, meet, and if so, they should wear the FFP2 masks”.

“Many hospitals are on the verge of emergency care capacity. If we do not start to comply with the existing measures, hospitals will not be able to accept, for example, a patient with a heart attack,” Blatný warned.

The government has said no significant easing of restrictions could be expected before the number of hospitalized patients drops to around 3,000.

The ministry reported 327,759 vaccine shots have been administered.

Today, Friday 5th, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis will fly to Hungary to discuss vaccination, the US bamlanivimab Covid drug, and Hungarian experience with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

News portal writes that Babis will be accompanied by a team of epidemiologists, virologist, and other experts, including his adviser and former health minister Roman Prymula.

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