Bite Bugs Back at the Prague Zoo This Weekend

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Butter fried crickets. Spicy garlic darkling beetles, roasted flour worms, or grasshoppers in pancake batter – you can taste all that this weekend at the Prague Zoo.

The popular annual Day of Insectivores will also provide visitors with an opportunity for guided feedings of different insectivorous animals.

This Saturday and Sunday, visitors can try different insect specialties and learn more about the benefits of insect cuisine. In addition to tasting the exotic eats, the Prague Zoo has also prepared additional events for its insectivore weekend.

Visitors can view various species of invertebrates, learn interesting facts, and find out more about insects as an alternative kind of food.

Every hour, there will be an opportunity to get a closer look at and learn about different species of insects, ranging from large cockroaches to stick bugs. The program will take place on both days between 10 am and 4 pm.

The program for July 17-18:

  • 10.00 – 16.00- Guided viewings on the terrace of the Education Center – the viewings will take place every hour and will include various insects (e.g. Giant and Black Beauty stick bugs, beetles, leaf bugs, Madagascar cockroaches, etc.).
  • 10.00 – 16.00- Information station on the terrace of the Education Center – different types of insects on display; learn interesting facts about their species and the benefits of insect cuisine.
  • Guided feedings and meetings with selected species of insectivorous animals:
  • 10.00- Feeding Fennec foxes
  • 10.30- Feeding of Aardvarks*
  • 10.45- Feeding Meerkats
  • 11.00- Feeding Emerald tree lizards *
  • 11.30- Feeding Cuban iguanas *
  • 13.00- Feeding Northern bald ibis *
  • 15.00- Feeding Giant anteaters
  • 15.30- Guided meetings with the breeder of short-beaked echidnas
  • * The number of participants in the guided feedings is limited by the capacity of the pavilion.


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