Billa Starts Testing Their Brand-New E-Shop

Well-known supermarket Billa has started testing their brand-new e-shop, so far only delivering customers’ orders in the biggest Czech cities: Prague and Brno.

Another retail supermarket chain has launched its own grocery e-shop; this time it’s well-known Billa’s time to shine! With popularity of e-shopping groceries rising, the Austrian supermarket chain could not be left behind.

According to the website Vitalia, Billa is currently still testing their new service, delivering only to customers in Prague and Brno and their immediate surroundings. After the evaluation of the testing phase, Billa plans to expand their service to more areas.

“Our vision is to be more accessible to customers so that everyone who wants to shop with us can find their favorite Billa around the corner. That is why we strive to expand our network in the long term in order to fulfill this vision,” states Billa Ceska Republika’s CEO Liam Casey.

Billa is not the first supermarket offering e-shop services in the Czech Republic. Depending on location, other well-known supermarkets delivering e-shop orders are Albert in Brno, Ostrava, and Olomouc, Penny in Pilsen, and Coop in South Moravia.

Billa’s e-shop contains an approximate amount of seven thousand items in its current test mode. The minimum total purchase should add up to CZK 200; the maximum spending limit is set to CZK 15,000. The purchase cannot exceed the 50 kilograms weight limit set by the supermarket.

After ordering from the e-shop, Billa promises to deliver the purchase within a short amount of three hours.

Customers can also order in advance and choose a later delivery time, making the service flexible and more convenient. During the testing period transport is free of charge and is provided by the logistics company Dodo.

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