Biking Banned in Selected Pedestrian Zones

In selected pedestrian zones, the road office will start installing signs where biking is banned between 10:00 and 17:00 in the upcoming days. This will mostly be in place in areas around Wenceslas Square, Náměstí Republiky, and Old Town Square. 

Auto*Mat, an association that oversees policies and efficient use of public money, already said that the banning placements will begin on Tuesday. This data, however, has not been confirmed by the City Hall. Individuals, associations, companies, and other city institutions are also fighting against this decision to limit biking in town. 

According to the City Hall, the Court still has to decide on the proposal for the complete abolition of the biking restrictions. However, the verdict does not necessarily have to wait, as the dismissal of the precautionary measure is sufficient enough.

Even though the restrictions were mainly directed against the so-called motor scooters in the center of the metropolis, the ban measure still explicitly noted the danger of cyclists to pedestrians. The Auto*Mat sees both motor scooters and cyclists as a threat. 

Author: Alyssa Malinis

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