Bezrealitky and Prague Morning Launching Real Estate Service With a Focus on Foreigners

Expats will connect faster with Czech real estate owners. Bezrealitky and Prague Morning are launching a real estate service with a focus on foreign nationals.

English-speaking foreign nationals don’t have to ask local people for help while searching for places to live anymore. That’s because the largest Czech server offering real estate directly from owners,, has joined forces with one of the largest communities oriented towards expats – Prague Morning.

Together, they will offer connections to English-speaking real estate owners, as well as related services, to foreign nationals looking for a place to live in the Czech Republic.   

Starting today, Bezrealitky will take over the patronage of the real estate section of the portal, which gets more than a quarter-million unique visitors every month and which has become one of the primary information sources for foreign nationals living in Czechia as coronavirus measures began to be implemented.

The new real estate section on Prague Morning

Moreover, a large percentage of its users are people who are currently planning on arriving to the Czech Republic, or central Europe in general, in the near future.

The new real estate section of Prague Morning will offer all the ads from the Bezrealitky portal (overall, nearly 6,000 rental properties and 2,500 properties for sale per month). Users will have the option to apply a filter to see only ads with English descriptions.

In Prague – the area with the highest demand – this represents around one-fifth of all ads. Negotiations with the owner will then take place directly on the English version of the communication platform of Bezrealitky.

„While the coronavirus crisis has caused a partial outflow of foreigners from Prague, it also demonstrated the significance of the local expat community. Tens of thousands of foreign nationals have remained in Czechia; they clearly consider the country their current home and they help develop the local economy. And new foreign nationals are still planning on coming. We expect this cooperation to significantly simplify the path to finding a place to live since until now, no real estate service with relevant supply which would focus on expats has existed,“ Massimo Parolisi said on behalf of Prague Morning.

Hendrik Meyer, the CEO of Bezrealitky, agrees with that. He wants to gradually transform Bezrealitky into the largest portal for househunting in the region. Before the coronavirus crisis, the number of foreign nationals searching for housing in Prague and Brno increased by around one-quarter year-on-year.

Most often, these were international students or foreign managers and employees. This increase stopped in the last few months, but this should change once more in the upcoming months.

Hendrik Meyer, CEO Photo:

„Closed borders will soon open, airline service will restart. Czechia is still an extremely interesting destination and the smooth course of the coronavirus crisis will strengthen its aura of a safe and peaceful place even further. I think that expats and foreign nationals definitely have a place on the Czech real estate market – and this applies not only to cosmopolitan Prague and Brno, but to smaller cities as well,“ Meyer explains. „This is a part of the reason why we have taken on the challenge of making them feel at home as quickly as possible in the new real estate service.“

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