Bezrealitky to Offer 3D Apartment Tour in 20 Minutes

3D apartment tour in 20 minutes and for only a few hundred CZK. Once again, Bezrealitky portal moves one step closer towards full digitalization of the renting process

More people than in the last five years are hunting for apartments. The situation has even surpassed the spring of last year when people shifted towards renting due to the tightening mortgage rules.

As a result, owners of houses and apartments are once again dealing with high demand, and the speed at which it is possible to enter into a contract with a new renter is counted in days. This is why the server Bezrealitky is introducing an innovative product that represents an important step towards a full digitalization of the renting process. Its main competitive advantages are speed and price.

Uncertain times favor renting. The number of people looking to rent an apartment at the portal has increased by 10% year-on-year. Just in the month of June, an apartment was rented every ten minutes. The number of reactions to a single ad has increased to thirty on average, and the average time it takes for an ad to be taken down is around 10 days.

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For this reason, server Bezrealitky has introduced another feature that should simplify mutual communication between owners and house-hunters and also ensure that only the most suitable parties will connect, along the lines of the „With a guarantee of success“ concept.

The new feature in the form of innovative virtual tours has the potential to increase the relevance of interested parties by up to three times, and at the same time, the owners will save time spent showing their apartments.

„We counted how long it takes the owner to prepare documentation for the apartment they are advertising. Timewise, as well as money-wise, the most demanding part of this entire process is, paradoxically, quality images. If the owner wants them to have informational value and describe the space well, they must be done truly well,“ says Hendrik Meyer. „Our internal surveys have also shown that the photos are often considered confusing or deceptive, as well as misleading in regard to the actual space. Which is why we decided to innovate our virtual tours and bring a new, unique product to the market.“

A virtual tour is not supposed to fully replace a personal visit to the property. But it can help select those among the available apartments which are worth investing time in. According to Bezrealitky‘s information, people look at 36 ads on average when hunting for apartments, communicate with approximately 12 owners at one time, and personally visit several fewer apartments than that. At the same time, a house hunter dedicates 75 minutes to each unnecessary apartment tour.

Photo: bezrealitky

The new service wants to primarily compete by the means of speed and price. In Prague, where it’s being piloted, 3D images can be processed on the same day the order is placed. The price starts at 600 CZK and climbs up to roughly 1400 CZK for the largest apartments. You can order the service online in the Bezrealitky service center; processing of images takes several hours.

„Our goal is to use automatization and work with relevant data in order to fully digitalize the renting process, to make it possible to fully prepare and rent an apartment within one week. In the past, we’ve come nearer this goal for example by using automatic generation of rental agreements or by making direct communication between the owner and the prospective renter possible via chat on our website or in our mobile application,“ Meyer concludes.

An example of an apartment with a virtual tour here

Offer at the service center here

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