Beyond Prague: Discovering the Best Cities for Commuting and Living as an Expat in the Czech Republic

Are you tired of the Prague city lifestyle and ready for a change? Or perhaps you did your math and figured out that it will be much more efficient to live outside and commute to Prague, instead of paying the high property prices in the capital.

Well, pack your bags and get ready to explore 15 decently sized cities (population of 10,000 or more), where it might be easier to achieve your property dream, yet still within a short commute to Prague’s city center. Pros and cons are included, as well as some personal tips.

First of all – why consider living outside of Prague? Well, there are many reasons:

1. Money, Money, Money: Who doesn’t love saving a little extra cash? By living in a smaller city, you can enjoy a lower cost of living, including more affordable housing, food, and daily expenses. Just check for the cost of properties in the nearby cities and you might be pleasantly surprised so see what is possible there for purchase!

2. Shorter Commute: This handy infographic produced by shows 15 cities from which you can get to the center of Prague in less than one hour by public transport. If you compare this to some areas on the outskirts in Prague, Bohnice for example, you’ll find your commute from the smaller cities quicker! Oh, and the time on the train or bus – you can use for reading your favorite book, enjoying the view or work, of course…

3. Community Connection: Smaller cities offer a close-knit community feel, where you’ll find friendly locals and plenty of opportunities to get involved in local events and activities. My personal tip? Join a sports team or volunteer at a local organization to meet new people and feel like a true local and improve your Czech! Yes, at first this might be strange and new to you but I am sure you will adapt very quickly!

4. Natural Beauty: Many of the smaller cities in the Czech Republic are surrounded by beautiful countryside and nature. This can provide a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and offer opportunities for outdoor activities with your family or just to enjoy yourself outside.


Cons of Living in Small Cities

  1. Job Hunting: While living in a smaller city may be more affordable, it may also limit job opportunities, particularly if you’re working in Prague. Make sure your work is aligned with the commuting (also taking into consideration transport delays) and that you won’t need to be in Prague at 7 am often, for example, as this could be rather challenging sometimes!
  2. Lonely Expat Story: In smaller cities, the expat community may be smaller and less diverse. My tip? Join an expat group on social media or attend a language exchange to connect with other like-minded individuals in the city. Use the power of social media and start a local group of expats if there is none!
  3. Entertainment: Compared to Prague, smaller cities may have fewer entertainment options, such as theaters, museums, and restaurants. Take advantage of the local parks and outdoor activities, and plan weekend trips to Prague for a cultural fix.

In conclusion, living in a smaller city in the Czech Republic offers a unique and exciting opportunity for expats to experience a new culture and lifestyle. With the help of our infographic and personal tips, you can weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision on where to call home.

Whether you’re commuting to Prague for work or settling down in a charming small city, the possibilities are endless. So, grab your Czech railway pass and start exploring!

PRO tip: If you would commute via train, consider IN karta, which will give you further discounts on train tickets. Myself, I travel to Ostrava about once a month and the average price for me with IN karta 50 is about 300 CZK, which is cheaper than renting a co-working place in Prague! So if I need some peace and quiet, the train is favorite choice of mine!

If you are considering buying property in one of these smaller cities, Expats Finance can still help. In fact, we can help no matter where in the country you are planning to purchase.

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