Better Self, Better World: an English Speaking Conference Worth Visiting in Brno

Eight speakers from numerous countries and various fields of expertise such as engineering, dentistry, personal growth, human resources or art. That’s what you can get when participating in the unique Better Self, Better World conference that is taking place on Saturday, November 30 in Brno.

Are you seeking new motivation in your life? Do you want to push yourself to the next level? Get inspired by the experience and success of others? Then this event organized by Foreigners is exactly what you need.

Who will be speaking to you? We can name:

  • PETR LUDWIG – the author of The End of Procrastination book, a science-based, highly practical tool dedicated to overcoming the habit of postponing tasks. The book has been translated into 15 languages and over 100 thousand copies have been sold worldwide. Petr now introduces the book to the US audience. At the conference, he will be talking about the purpose of work and how to retain our inner motivation every day!
  • DANA EMBREE – the Director of Engineering in the American-owned company who is now living and working in her 5th world location. Dana grew up in Communist Romania where raising your hand in school to ask a question meant you were stupid, and any form of self-expression was discouraged. It took moving to the United States for the real Dana to come out and start believing in herself. And as if changing countries was not big enough challenge for her, after finishing school she went straight into a man’s world, as a young, foreign girl. She will share her experience with you!
  • RENATA MRÁZOVÁ – one of the ten most influential Czech women (she was ranked as the 8th by Forbes Magazine in 2018) and the author of the Amazing Women from the Heart of Europe book. Renata is the Chief People Officer at Home Credit International in Prague handling 10 markets with more than 140 thousand employees. Before, she lived and worked in the Netherlands for four years. What’s her expat story and her leadership tips?
  • DUO SMILE – twin dentists Hana & Eva Luskačovy gained their practice in the UK and New Zealand before opening their English-friendly dental care in the Czech Republic. They follow holistic medicine approach and are devoted to a health-giving lifestyle. At the conference, they will introduce to you their pillars for healthy and happy well-being!
  • FRANK TOMAS GRAPL – calling himself “Maoaravák“ because his mom comes from Maori, New Zealand, and his dad was a Czech emigrant, born in Brno. Frank has been traveling with his group Whakaari Rotorua all around the world to share his Maori culture and spread his energy and knowledge with all the people possible. His passion is to connect the world into unity while showing people their similarities and also what they have in common.


The conference will be followed up by a hot wine networking session where you can approach the speakers as well as the other participants of the conference to share your experience, ask additional questions and make new contacts.

Foreigners hold the conference on the occasion of celebrating their 10 years of helping expats and international students to feel at home in the Czech Republic. Their services include visa assistance (residence permits, employee cards, etc.), accommodation search, documents’ translation, health insurance and more. Having offices in six locations in the country (Prague, Brno, Hradec Králové, Pilsen, Olomouc, Ostrava) they take away the relocation related burden off expats throughout the entire Czech Republic.


Co-organizers: GrowJOB Institute.


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