Best Times to Visit Korea and What Documents You Should Translate

South Korea is a country in East Asia. It was once a single country with North Korea. In general, this country is a great location to visit.

It has green vegetation and mountainous countrysides that tourists love to view. If you travel to this country, you will see a bit of both the olden and modern world. Outside the cities, you will see ancient temples and old buildings. While in cities like Seoul, you will experience technology and advancement rivaled by only a few locations in the world.

For you to have the full experience, you must travel within certain periods. Likewise, you will need to carry certain documents as a foreigner in Korea, which also must be translated from English to Korean. Doing this will ease your traveling process and let you get around without any difficulties.

Best Times to Visit Korea

As long as you have the appropriate documents, you are able to travel to Korea at any time. But if you want to enjoy your stay, you should travel at certain times of the year that will make your stay the most memorable. Below are some of the best times to visit Korea.

Festival Seasons

Traveling to any location is best during the festival season. Korea has two prominent festivals, which are Seollal and Chuseok. So, if you want to enjoy these festivals, you can plan your trip to coincide with either occasion. But, going in and through the country may be difficult as citizens are moving around more. Therefore, you have to plan far in advance to guarantee accommodation and flights.

Sakura Season

To have the full experience of cherry blossom, you must visit Korea during the Sakura Season. This season begins in March and ends in April when Spring is in full swing. If you happen to travel to Seoul, then you should go to a couple of festivals. Jinhae Gunhangje and Yeouido Spring Flower Festival are two festivals you will want to attend.

Winter Events

In general, Korea is freezing during the winter months. This season mostly lasts from December to mid-February. So, it might not be an ideal time to travel if the cold makes you uncomfortable. However, if you love winter sports, this is the best time to go to Korea. You get to enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and many more activities. The best part is, most visitors avoid this time due to the cold. Therefore, you will get to enjoy the sports and sceneries without much crowd.


Another good time to travel to Korea is during Autumn. At this time, the color of leaves keeps changing, and you can enjoy the view of stunning red maples. Although winter has not yet begun, it can get really cool during fall time. So, you may want to have a few warm clothes packed to protect yourself.

Documents You Should Translate When Visiting Korea

While in Korea, you must have some essential documents on you. Although most of these documents are in English, you should translate them to Korean, just like you will need to translate car documents from a foreign land. Discussed below are some documents you should definitely translate.

  • Documents concerning immigration or visa application. These documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and much more.
  • Documents that show you are going to an event, visiting family, or going to the hospital.
  • Documents that show your financial status. These documents include bank statements and financial support letters.
  • Documents that show booked accommodation, such as hotel booking or rental documents.
  • Documents that cover medical conditions and medical requirements like medical reports and vaccination certificates.
  • Guardian consent documents.

We suggest that you inquire about all the required documents before our trip, as the list may change or expand. You can use any of the top Korean translation services to translate your traveling document for a trip to Korea.


When traveling to Korea, you need to find the best times to travel. You should also avoid certain times to get the best out of your trip. You also should translate your travel documents to make your journey easy and without issues. However, regardless of the time of year when you choose to travel to Korea, this beautiful country will always be able to surprise you!

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