Best Czech Beer Trails

czech beer trails

When one says the Czech Republic, most people will recall some architectural landmarks. And also a beverage that has the longest tradition in the Czech Republic – beer. 

Recently, breweries have been experiencing a boom, which has also given rise to microbreweries, looking for new ways in this tradition. We will show you where to go on a trip along a beer trail.

Krkonoše Beer Trail

The Krkonoše Mountains can be found in the north of Bohemia. The Krkonoše Beer Trail, open until the end of September, connects the most beautiful and the highest parts of the Krkonoše Mountains and excellent beer. The Krkonoše Beer Trail offers visitors a mountain hike that is about thirty kilometres long, with four stops where you can enjoy beer from five local microbreweries (Hendrych Brewery – Friesovy boudy, Pivovarská Bašta with its Krkonošský Medvěd beer, Trautenberk Brewery, Pec Brewery, and Penzion Andula with the Fries beer).


South Bohemian Beer Trails

In South Bohemia, you can hike or cycle along six beer tourist trails. They include, for example, Budvar in České Budějovice, Samson, Dudák in Strakonice, and a whole range of microbreweries. Six beer trails offer the opportunity to taste different beers and see the nearby tourist destinations, such as the Orlík Chateau, Vyšší Brod Monastery or the Šumava National Park.

Tišnov Beer Trail

In the Tišnov region in South Moravia, near the city of Brno, a large number of microbreweries making original beer has appeared in recent years. There are seven places that participate in the Tišnov Beer Trail, and the trail will take you to praised breweries of Kvasar or Genuis Loci. Before setting out, we recommend getting more information at the Tourist Information Centre in Tišnov. Cheers!

Lusatian Mountains Beer Trail

The Lusatian Mountains, a scenic mountain range in the north of Bohemia, are a popular place with brewers. Large breweries and microbreweries share the neighbourhood. The Beer Trail connects them all, and it also offers adventures that will refresh you as much as a properly chilled lager when wandering from one brewery to another.

The trail connects popular breweries, such as Kocour in Varnsdorf, or the Cvikov Brewery, as well as small family-owned businesses, such as Kotouč in Česká Kamenice.  The Lusatian Mountains Beer Trail can be hiked in a few days or toured on bike over the weekend. It has about ten stops and you can start in Česká Kamenice, or Česká Lípa in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.


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