End of BeRider: Shared Electric Scooters to Disappear from Prague Streets in June

BeRider shared electric scooter service in Prague is set to come to an end in June.

The operators, a subsidiary of Škoda Auto, have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable partner to ensure the service’s continued operation. The announcement was made today on the company’s official website.

The shared electric scooter initiative was launched in Prague by Škoda Auto DigiLab back in 2019.

Over the course of four years, customers have collectively traveled more than 4,200,000 kilometers, contributing to a significant reduction of 512 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, as reported by the company.

The company’s representatives explained that while they had always aimed to expand the service to encompass more cities and increase the number of scooters available, they were unable to secure a suitable partner for sustaining its operations.

They further emphasized that running services like BeRider falls outside the core business scope of Skoda Auto DigiLab, and the company will now concentrate on essential projects focused on mobility and digital services within the automotive industry.

Refunds will be issued to customers for any unused credit, according to the service operators.

However, there are no plans to sell the used e-scooters to individuals. BeRider stated on its website that it is currently engaged in discussions with other companies interested in acquiring and operating the scooters.

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