This Restaurant in Prague Has No Servers, Chefs Bring Their Meals to the Tables

Benjamin restaurant in Vršovice pleasantly surprises visitors not only with quality products and a minimalistic menu, but also with the presence of only two employees: chefs.

Benjamin is located at Norská 14 in Vršovice. It is owned by successful chef and restaurateur Jakub Červenka, who also runs Café Buddha and Pru 58, where you can sample high-quality Asian street food.

Červenka worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant in England, where he gained valuable experience.

The layout of the restaurant is very unusual and does not look like other restaurants in Prague. Everything in the restaurant is imbued with minimalism, from a single table to a limited 8-course tasting menu.

Minimalism does not end there. The restaurant employs only two people: two chefs, Jakub Červenka and Claudio Sejkati, an Italian chef.

The restaurant does not have waiters, or sommeliers, that we are used to seeing in restaurants. There are only two people who communicate directly with customers and make the atmosphere special.

The dishes are brought to the table by the chefs, who also present the dishes and pour wine for the guests during the wine pairing.

The dishes themselves are also quite surprising and innovative. Although Červenka and Sejkati use more or less a dozen ingredients, you can taste a small tartlet filled with mushrooms and eel. Or a fresh tomato variation with tabasco called Bloody Mary, served in combination with marinated tomatoes and brynz dumplings.

For the next course, the chefs bring marinated artichokes with a slightly sour taste, accompanied by Jerusalem artichokes and sunflower seeds. Then comes one of the highlights of the whole dinner: duck liver and duck hearts seasoned with sea salt, fermented currant dust, and popcorn.

Benjamin is open from 10 am to 6 pm Wednesday – Saturday.

Exquisite tastes will not leave anyone indifferent and even a shared table and a limited menu will pleasantly surprise you.

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