For Foodies: Now Bejzment is Offering All Meat Burgers in a Vegetarian Version

You are vegetarian but fancy a burger? The current offer of one of the oldest and best burger houses in the Czech Republic, Bejzment, has a vegetarian version of all its burgers. 

Zdeněk Střížek is the chef and owner of Bejzment burger restaurant and the organizer of Burgerfest, the most famous meat-lover festival in the region. “We are adapting our offer and unlike large multinational chains, we “make meat” ourselves from our own and high-quality ingredients,” explained Zdeněk.

“We have been experimenting and trying different ingredients for a long time to create a burger that is as tasteful as possible and visually unrecognizable from real meat,” said Střížek. His meatless burger version consists of beetroot, chickpeas, seitan, beluga lentils, coconut bio-oil, hemp protein, xanthan gum, onion and garlic powder, burnt butter essence, vegetable broth, salt, and pepper.

However, Bejzment remains faithful to meat burgers from high-quality BIO beef, directly from the supplier Naše Farma in Besednice, South Bohemia, where they do not use any chemicals, and the farm works completely organic. 

When preparing vegetarian burgers at Bejzment, they also ensure that none of the vegetarian ingredients come into contact with any of the meat. Both versions of the burgers are prepared on two separate X Oven.

All burgers in Bejzment have their own story and unique composition. In the restaurant, you will find burgers under names such as Ouky Douky, Let’s Gou Smouky, Hustej mexikán or Čak Noris. Also, if you are brave enough try D Big Zí Hárt Atak burgr čelenž, 1 kg of beef on a maxi bun with lettuce, four slices of cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, chilli con carne, coleslaw, tomatoes, cucumbers and four slices of smoked bacon.

You can also have the vegetarian option for other meat dishes in the menu, including wings and ribs.

Zdeněk Střížek knows more than enough about burgers and gathered his gastronomic experience not only at home but also in the United States, where he spent a total of nine years. Overcrowded with corporate culture, he decided to open in 2010 Bejzment, one of the best burger restaurants in the country. 

From the very beginning, the company aims to popularize and enhance burger culture against the poor quality products of fast food. The result is always delicious and well-crafted because real food tastes better.

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