Beer in Czech Restaurants May Rise to CZK 70

High inflation forced Czech restaurants to change their pricing policy. Many increase the cost of meals, while others reduce the weight of portions.

“In the main cities, the price may reach 70 CZK for a half-liter mug already in autumn,” said the head of the Association of Restaurateurs of the Czech Republic Lubos Kastner to CNN-Prima News.

“Restaurants’ expenses grow faster than they raise prices. Nevertheless, in recent years, establishments have risen in price everywhere – by about 20% in major cities and by 10-15% in villages”, he added.

According to the entrepreneur, the prices of ready meals push up the rising costs – gas, electricity, milk, flour, eggs, and meat have become more expensive.

At the same time, Kastner is sure that the average cost of the lunch menu will not exceed the limit of 200 CZK in the near future.

But beer can become more expensive already in autumn, which is a real headache for restaurateurs: the profit from it is small, but visitors react very sharply to the change in cost and can reduce the frequency of visits.

“Why suddenly pay 3 more crowns for beer? This is what customers ask. We try to make it as cheap as possible, but our efforts are not enough. For the Czech Republic beer is a key product, but its share of our costs is getting smaller and smaller. The situation will soon force restaurateurs to raise prices. In small towns, the price will increase to 50-60 CZK per mug. We don’t want it at all, but that’s the reality,” added Kastner.

In June inflation in the Czech Republic rose to 17.2%. This is the highest number in the last 29 years. The Central Bank in its new forecast believes that in the coming months, inflation will grow even up to 20%.

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