Be the Change You Want to See in Prague 1

Prague 1 wants to tie together all the development projects that have been implemented so far to create and shape a better district for all of us.

Their Strategy for Sustainable Development for the next decade wants the participation of anyone who has something to give to the neighborhood.

It is a joint work where everyone plays a part – elected officials, administrative officers, external experts, and, of course, yourself.

Prague’s city center is a diverse, historical and cultural place with a unique potential. Therefore, Prague 1 plans to offer the opportunity to take an active part to those who want to see a positive change in the district.

You will have an opportunity to discuss pertinent topics, including traffic, public transportation, safety, environment, housing, or tourism, helping the city plan its next steps.

Those are Prague 1’s principal concerns. Something else in mind?

If you are interested, you can join an online public meeting on Thursday, March 10 at 6 p.m. Your insights will help shape the goals and find common solutions based on mutual consensus.

You can register here

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