Bazén Barrandov – Forgotten Pool

In the ’30s, there used to be happy crowds, sportsmen and many parties here. Now it’s a jungle taking over a place that used to be a pool and the only thing visible is the devastated diving tower. And everybody knows Bazén Barrandov was here.

I have seen the diving tower many times from a train or a car, and when I finally got here, I was really surprised. The pool used to be really big and deep (of course because of the tower) and even if there are wild plants and basically jungle all over the place today, you can still feel the old glory. 

This place used to be a top spot for the high society of the ’30s in Czechoslovakia. At the top of the hill, there used to be a nice restaurant called Barrandovské terasy and there used to be swimming competitions held in Bazén Barrandov, so many people used to come here for a trip from Prague, for a coffee or a bite or to watch the competition or just for a swim. After WW2, the glory of the pool slowly died, the water was too cold and it was too far away for everyday use.

Bazén Barrandov may be dead for many years but for me it’s still a very interesting and memorable place and I keep coming back.

Author: Janina Michlová. You can find the original article here

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