BREAKING: Government to Introduce Further Restrictive Measures Against Covid

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As of Monday, November 22, the so-called “Bavarian” model will be introduced in the Czech Republic, which abolishes the recognition of tests as a cover certificate.

Negative test results will no longer be accepted as a valid certificate for people visiting pubs, bars, restaurants and mass events.

“We will introduce the so-called Bavarian model. It will be launched from Sunday the 21st to Monday the 22nd of November. From now on, only vaccinated and people who recovered from covid will be allowed to mass events and public spaces. Antigen and PCR tests are completely canceled,” Babiš told Czech Television on Wednesday.

How the Bavarian works?

Under the state’s new regulations, the so-called 2G rule applies in almost all public spaces from Tuesday.

That means only people who are vaccinated or have recovered from Covid in the last six months can access many public facilities, including cultural, sports and leisure facilities.

This includes gyms and sports facilities, theatres, cinemas, museums, zoos, swimming pools, cable cars, as well as clubs and brothels. Organizers and operators are tasked with checking for proof of vaccination or recovery certificate.

Under the tightened rules, unvaccinated people in Bavaria are also banned from visiting restaurants and hotels.

Are there any exceptions?

In Bavaria, children under the age of 12 are exempt from the 2G access restriction. People who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons can be granted access if they present a written medical certificate and show a recent negative PCR test.

For pupils over 12, the 2G rule applies – regardless of the regular tests they have to take at school.

Latest statistics

The Czech daily tally soared to 22,479 new cases, eclipsing the previous record set Jan. 7 by almost 5,000 and nearly 8,000 more than a week ago.

The country’s infection rate rose to 813 new cases per 100,000 residents over the past seven days, up from 558 a week earlier.


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