Bastion – View From a Fort

Unlike Vyšehrad and its impressive fortification, which is on almost every tourist’s to-do list, Bastion is a gem hidden not only from Prague’s first-time visitors but also from many locals.

Originally built during the times of Charles IV, the wall created a defense perimeter in order to protect the medieval city from any threat that loomed outside. Once it lost its purpose, Bastion, which lies at the opposing end of Nuselský bridge from Vyšehrad and can be accessed via Horská st. or down from Folimanka park, has been neglected for generations.

Recently, however, Prague commissioned a revitalization of the former fortification, tearing down the leftovers from the derelict 19th-century building, erecting a new structure which currently serves as a rather fancy restaurant, and turning the rest of the fortification into a park with benches. In my opinion, Bastion serves as a great example of how to elegantly revamp and utilize public spaces in a city. A tasteful combination of corroded steel, stone bricks, and a green lawn blend perfectly, subtly incorporating the park into its local surroundings.

With an amazing view of Vyšehrad, this is a great destination for a walk, and I personally love going there simply to sit on a bench and read a book, a magazine or just to gaze at Prague from an amazing and fresh perspective.

Author: Štěpán Bärtl You can find the original article here

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