Prague Aims to Ban Alcohol at Náplavka After Midnight

naplavka ban alcohol

People will probably no longer be able to drink alcohol after midnight (until 9 am) on either the right embankment at Podskalí or the left one at Hořejší nábřeží in Smíchov. 

Consumption of alcoholic beverages should not be allowed in about 1000 other places in the metropolis. The measure could take effect on 1 July.

This is a proposal for an amendment to the decree on alcohol consumption in public places, which was discussed by Prague councilors on Monday.

The amendment was supported by SPOLU (the coalition of TOP 09 and STAN parties) and Praha Sobě.

Whether the amendment enters into force will be decided by the City Council at the end of May. “Tourists are returning to Prague, and with them some problems with order, especially in the streets of the center. The main goal of the new decree is to protect residents as much as possible from noise, “said Hlubuček, Deputy Mayor of Prague.

Moreover, it will not be legally possible to drink alcohol in public in selected squares, parks, and some streets of Prague. So far, there are about 800 places on the list. The new decree will expand the number of sites to about 1000 locations.

According to Hlubuček, it will also be punished when people stay in selected public spaces with an open bottle of alcoholic beverage. “Until now, the police officer had to see a man drinking alcohol,” he added.

According to the document, the ban will not apply on December 31 and January 1 during New Year’s and New Year’s Eve celebrations, concerts, or sporting events, as well as in the gardens of restaurants and snack bars.

The fine for drinking alcohol in public in areas of Prague is now Kč 10,000 and can be paid on the spot. Drinking on some Prague streets has been illegal since 2008.

Most of the areas affected are in the touristy center in Prague 1, and also in Prague 4 and 8.

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