Babiš Buys Camper Van to Tour Country, Meet People

babis camper van

Former Czech prime minister Andrej Babis has bought a camper van in which he wants to start travelling across the country to meet people as of February, he said in a video posted on his Twitter account today.

“I’ve always dreamed of riding a camper van and of course sleeping in it. Why? Because it reminds me of when in 2013 I traveled with my team to meet citizens during the election campaign,” said Babiš.

ANO, whose acronym means both “yes” and “Action of Dissatisfied Citizens”, a populist party, easily won the general election that took place in the Czech Republic on 20th and 21st October 2017, with 29.64% of the vote and 78 seats (+ 31 in comparison with the previous general election on 25th and 26th October 2013).


The camper van is equipped with a kitchen, dressing room, bathroom and four beds.

Babiš, one of the richest Czechs, left the post of prime minister on December 17 and he is the leader of the senior opposition ANO movement and lower house member now.

Milos Zeman backed Babis to replace him as Czech President in 2023.

In an interview with CNN Prima News, the current head of state said Babis would make a good candidate for Czech President in 2023, when Zeman’s second and last term runs out, praising his achievements as Prime Minister.

Among other potential candidates, bookmakers have singled out General Petr Pavel, former chairman of the NATO military committee, as well as former presidential hopeful Jiri Drahos, Pavel Fischer, and ex-Prime Minister and President Vaclav Klaus.

Under Czech law, a candidate needs to receive the necessary support from lawmakers (at least 10 senators or 20 lower house deputies) or citizens (at least 50,000 signatures).

The presidential election will be held in early 2023.

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