Average Price of Meal in Czech Restaurant Increased to CZK 157, Survey Finds

average czech meal price

The average cost of meals in Czech restaurants in January was 157 CZK. This is 2 crowns more than in December and 22 crowns more than year-on-year.

The study was carried out by Sodexo.

The region with the most expensive meals in restaurants was Prague with an average of 176 CZK, while the most accessible one was found in Karlovy Vary Region (CZK 142).

The authors of the study note that lunch menus are the main source of income for most Czech restaurants.

Business owners complain that the coronavirus epidemic has changed the habits of residents.

Around 60% of Czechs in January bought on–the–go meals. The trend is leading to healthy fast foods being offered not just in local shops, but also by online retailers.

Another problem is that many regular customers have stopped going to restaurants at all. Due to higher inflation, they prefer to cook at home.

Moreover, alcohol consumption last year was the lowest since 1996, while consumption of rice and legumes was the highest since monitoring began in the country.

Beer consumption fell by six liters per person year-on-year, to an average of 140 liters per person. Wine consumption fell by half a liter to nearly 20 liters per person.

The survey also recorded the lowest consumption of soft drinks since 2001, as a result of months-long restaurant closures.

Below the average cost of lunches in Czech restaurants in recent years:

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