‘Avatar: The Way of Water‘ Breaks Record in Czech Republic

Avatar: The Way of Water has reached 1 million admissions in the Czech Republic in only one month, the fastest of any film in the 30-year history of the country.

With almost CZK 219 million gross, James Cameron’s film might also become the highest-grossing film ever at the Czech box office.

Avatar: The Way of Water is the third film to cash in more than CZK 200 million in the Czech Republic, after the first Avatar and the domestic comedy Women on the Run / Ženy v běhu directed by Martin Horský.

The fantasy series – which follows on from the 2009 original – has become the sixth highest-grossing film of all time, with superfans desperate to catch-up with the Na’vi as they fight to save their planet from humans.

This makes Cameron the only director ever to land three films above that $ 2 billion bracket – with the original Avatar and 1997’s Titanic also surpassing that mark.

The milestone is even more impressive when you take into account only six films have ever passed it.

It’s believed the film cost between $ 350million-$ 460million to make.

While Avatar: The Way Of Water has undoubtedly been a box office success, the movie has proven divisive among viewers and critics who seem to either love or hate it.

While the extravagant special effects have been widely praised, the sequel seemed to have a similar issue when it came to story as its predecessor did, especially given its three-hour runtime.

As a result, reviews ranged from five stars to just one star.

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