Available Accommodation for Ukrainian Refugees in Prague Exhausted

Prague’s mayor, Zdeněk Hřib, said that the situation in Prague with regard to refugees had become serious.

The available accommodation had been exhausted and the city had been preparing emergency solutions.

As a temporary solution, people will begin to place in the sports halls of secondary schools, where organizations will install beds for the night and provide hot meals. This is a temporary measure until the authorities come up with a way to find a different and proper place to live.

Hřib instructed the heads of all 22 city parts as soon as possible to prepare 2200 beds in schools. At the same time, he appealed to the owners of hotels, hostels, and hostels to show solidarity and settle refugees.

The Czech Government has promised them 180 CZK/day for each adult and 100 CZK/day for each child. Those who wish to help can fill out the form here.

“This sum was set by the government. We consider it unreal for Prague, but at the moment we are trying to get everything we can find at this price. This issue will be discussed at the meeting of the heads of the regions with the ministers,” Hřib said.

In turn, the Czech Hotels Association announced that it is ready to allocate 1,700 places in Prague, but at a cost of 500 CZK/day.

The Czech Republic has already granted special visas to over 120,000 Ukrainian refugees, the Ministry of the Interior said on Friday.

The minister of the interior, Vit Rakusan, said on Thursday that nearly 200,000 Ukrainians seeking refuge from Russia’s war on their country had already arrived. He later stated that final number could be twice as high.

Around half of the Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic are in Prague or the surrounding Central Bohemia Region.

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