American Songwriter and Activist Austin Lucas is Finally Returning to Prague

Austin Lucas prague

Austin Lucas, country singer-songwriter with punk roots and antifascist activist from Indiana, returned to his homeland in 2019 after eight years of bartending in the Czech Republic, cultivating the Prague DIY songwriting scene and touring around the world.

Consumed by an overdeveloped sense of wanderlust as a young person, Austin spent his formative years in the driver’s seat of various beat-up Ford Econolines.

Burning through countless miles and living the world over, making his home everywhere from the American West Coast to the central European states.

As a young person, Austin worshipped a diverse mixture of classic rock, country, punk, psychedelic folk and mountain music and has made a career by successfully fusing these disparate influences into something uniquely his own.

Emerging as a prominent and revered talent among his fans and peers, Austin is known as a songwriter and has stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the most recognizable icons of folk, punk, indie, country and americana.

With the release of the latest album Alive In The Hot Zone in 2020, he is gaining the well-deserved attention of the music media and fans.

His return to Prague will not take place at club 007 Strahov, where he would usually perform, but at the Smíchov factory. The frontman of the legendary punk formation Face To Face, Trever Keith, will perform with him on May 5th at MeetFactory.

The tickets are available for a reduced price at or via GoOut.

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