August 22: Paul Kalkbrenner at Žluté Lázně

Prague, Berlin Calling! On the 22nd of August Prague will be full of euphoric atmosphere thanks to the true Berlin techno coming from one of the best – German legend Paul Kalkbrenner.

The performance of the iconic DJ and his work, the past, present, and future of the dance scene connect. It has the power of breaking walls which he has shown during his concert on the main stage at the Colours of Ostrava festival 2018.

Paul Kalkbrenner is one of the biggest stars of the current dance techno scene. He has sold more than 1.000.000 records, on Spotify and Youtube his tracks reach hundreds of millions of streaks and headlines the biggest world festivals. The German DJ will play in Prague during his tour dedicated to his 8threcord Parts of Life, which came out ten years after a breakthrough and platinum album Belin Calling. Club cinemas were then impressed by Berlin Trainspotting movie Berlin Calling, a story about perfect interaction but also a collision of underground electronic with the world of hard drugs.

Kalkbrenner did not only create just an intense soundtrack to an indie movie but moreover, he was able to put a specific atmosphere into music, possibly a character of the whole throbbing metropolis. It was a major step towards sunlight of electric music and at the same time a definitive confirmation of the influence of his music in Europe.

His long, accelerating attacks understandably invoke gradation and naturally draw into the core of the action. It works with a wide range of energies that blend to create an extremely catchy dance complex. His live performances always act as a compact, very carefully built party in which he deliberately reflects all the turns, skids and experiments in his work so far – from spontaneous DJ sets in legendary Berlin clubs to rough uncompromising techno to today’s targeted, yet clever and fun visits to the dance mainstream.

Tickets are available on GoOut networks for CZK 850 and on-site for CZK 950.

The concert is presented by Colors Selection. More information here


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