“At Home in Prague” Program Attracted More Than 30,000 Tourists

At Home in Prague program

In July, the special campaign attracted more than 30,000 tourists to Prague, a major increase over last year.

The tourist campaign At Home in Prague (V Praze jako doma), aimed at attracting tourists through special discounts, attracted about 31,000 people to the capital in the month of July, which is 30 percent more than last year.

According to a ČTK interview with Klara Mala, a spokesperson for Prague City Tourism, the most visited attractions include Prague Zoo in Troja, the Petrin Lookout Tower, and the Old Town Hall.

Like last year, tourists receive special vouchers for each night spent at a hotel until the end of August, which they can use to receive discounts or free admission to selected museums, galleries, and zoos. 

Last year, the campaign attracted over 70,000 people to the capital, 24,000 of whom arrived in July. This year, seven thousand more tourists visited Prague last month.

“The exact reason for the increase in the number of tourists can only be assumed. However, the fact that this is the second time certainly played a role, the campaign began earlier and there was more time for it, and a better situation with the pandemic helped as well,” said the spokeswoman Mala.

So far, 300 accommodation facilities have joined the program. However, last year’s numbers were higher with 400 facilities registering. According to PCT, the decline is probably due to the fact that some hotels or guesthouses have closed and others have opened later than usual for the holiday season.

Tourists coming to the capital are most interested in four and five-star hotels accommodation. 

In the case of monuments and cultural sites, their number stayed similar to last year. People can visit 60 interesting and different spots around Prague. The newest addition to this year’s program is the possibility to get vouchers for live events such as concerts or theater performances. Tourists can also use the vouchers for guided tours.

Among the attractions for which tourists receive a discounted fare are different Prague towers – the Petrin Lookout Tower with a maze, the Old Town Hall, the Bridge Towers of Charles Bridge, and others.

Also involved are the National Museum, the City of Prague Museum, the Central Gallery, the Botanical Garden, and the Zoo in Troja. People can also go to the Kingdom of Railways Museum or the Karel Zeman Museum at a discounted fee.

Last year, the program At Home in Prague attracted 73,000 visitors, who spent an average of 3.2 nights in the capital. Tourists spent over 220 million CZK in the city.

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