Artists Unite – Despite Coronavirus

A series of on-line performances will culminate in a concert for 1 million!

Countless performers would normally be playing the concert halls and arenas of the Czech Republic this week but as we all know, things are far from normal. However, as the old saying goes, “adversity breeds creativity”!

Completely hygienic and in total compliance with the new regulations, a series of online concerts will be broadcast for music lovers to enjoy in their own homes.

The current state of emergency has highlighted the amazing work that the emergency services are doing on the front line in the fight against the virus and the moderators of the concerts will be joined by some of these heroes. From firefighters and police officers to doctors and psychologists, the audience will get a chance to hear about their invaluable work and ask questions via the online feed.

The concerts start on the 19th of March with a performance by violin virtuoso Jaroslav Svěcený and moderated by Pavel Anděl with special guest Roman Hlinovský, Chief of the Prague Fire service. They will culminate in a grand finale on Sunday.

It is hoped that as well as bringing wonderful music to up to 1 million people and celebrating the work of the emergency services, the nightly series of concerts will raise 1 million Czech crowns to help in the fight against Coronavirus.


Thursday, 19. March (at 6 pm) – Jaroslav Svěcený, Guest: Bri. Gen. Ing Roman Hlinovský (Fire Brigade Prague)

Friday, 20. March – Lokomotiva and Petr Vondráček, Guest: Tomáš Lerch (Police ČR)

Sobota, 21. March – Lehkej Pokondr

Sunday, 22. March – Bohemia Voice


Hosted by the virtual studio, XLAB Realtime CZ, you can watch the concerts on

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