Art Spotlight: Beautiful Installation at Třešňovka Park

Třešňovka Park in Prague 9 has been ornamented with a whimsical yet simple art installation. It was installed on April 16 and will stay in place until May 2.

The art installation consists of a long white fabric that has been hung on the tree’s branches, connecting them and flowing from one tree to another.

The white fabric supposedly embodies and represents transient energy and movement – something fleeting and temporary. They are supposed to stand in contrast to the permanent and solid nature of the trees. The symbolism is quite abstract and deep, but the display itself does add quite a charm to the orchard.

“The fabric is dragged with it completely without purpose, moving gracefully and randomly through space, as we do when we walk past through it.” commented its author Tomáš Kodet.

Kodet regularly walks in this orchard garden, and was evidently inspired and intrigued by the sigh of the old cherry trunks.

Kodet is an architect student, but he is also a conceptual art enthusiast.

“The intertwining of spaces and the broken ales, among the living cherries is a limp substance, dynamically torn by the wind. It is the perception of spatial contexts, trees as carriers of time, the fabric represents the plot. The visual and spatial barrier is constantly moving, but it is bound by trunks and branches that will not let it go and will not allow it to fly away.”

Visit this slightly ethereal and graceful installation idea at Pod Šancemi 444/1, Prague 9. It’s a gorgeous addition to the spring season.


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