Armenians Hold Silent Protest in Front of Czechoslovak Group Company

The Armenian youth of the Czech Republic on Tuesday staged their third protest outside the Czechoslovak Group company.

“Bloody money, bloody baby clothes. Today’s [Tuesday] protest was in front of the Czechoslovak Group company. DANA self-propelled artillery systems produced by this company have been used by Azerbaijan against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) in recent days.

“We were silent։ the bloody money, bloody clothes and ‘Armenian blood is on your hands’, ‘Who is responsible for DANAs in Azerbaijan’ notes were speaking instead of us.”

“We are together in this, and we won’t give up,” the Armenian Youth Association of the Czech Republic stated on Facebook.

Companies from the Czechoslovak Group operate in the automotive, railway, aviation, and watch industry and produce weapons, ammunition, and select vehicles. The holding also includes Tatra. The Land Systems division, which focuses on defense production and trade of land vehicles or ammunition.

Nagorno-Karabakh is recognized internationally as part of Azerbaijan but is under ethnic Armenian control.

Clashes that began in the region in September quickly escalated into a large-scale conflict, with the shelling of towns and cities and the alleged use of banned cluster munitions.

Several thousand people have died and shelling has killed civilians on both sides. Tens of thousands have fled their homes.

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